The Old Potting Shed is home to toddlers and preschool and is an exciting and stimulating place for them to develop. Children here have access to a large walled garden full of different activities and are encouraged to explore the space both indoors and outdoors.

Approach to Learning

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which is delivered through the medium of play. The activities we provide give the children a hands-on experience and are open-ended, allowing scope for individual exploration. The children explore materials alongside others, enabling them to share ideas and gain valuable social and language skills at the same time.

Social skills

The children’s social skills are developed through helping in the nursery and through play. Each day a number of children will help to water plants, prepare snacks and help at mealtimes. We also encourage each child to foster their independence by helping to clear their plate and cutlery after meals and to work with other to put away things they have been playing with at the end of a session. We encourage the children to be able to manage their coats and shoes independently, as well as using the toilet area on their own. All of which we strongly believe aids preparation and confident transition to school.

Outdoor exploration

The walled garden at The Old Potting Shed is an important element in the children’s day and is widely used, no matter the weather! The large space provides children with a natural environment to discover, develop and create adventures. Some of the activities they will be able to undertake include: looking at bugs, noticing changes in their natural environment and playing on and navigating natural obstacles and balance ropes.

Preparing for school

As your child approaches school age, the team will help to prepare them for this next important step in their lives. Teachers are welcome to visit children in the nursery and there will be a member of our team designated to liaise with each school that children are moving on to and we will always be happy to offer support or advice.